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Quantity of people Zipline: 0.0
Price Zipline: $0.0 MXN
Quantity of children Horse Riding: 0.0
Price Children Horse Riding: $0.0 MXN
Quantity of adults Horse Riding: 0.0
Price adults Horse Riding: $0.0 MXN
Reservation in the restaurant: $0.0 MXN

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About Us

Create environmental awareness and climate change through adventure and recreation activities

Consolidate a quality tourism offer in harmony with the environment

- Environmental care

- Social responsability

- Commitment to the community

Meet our Allies!

Environmental Pavilion

Are you doing something for climate change?
Do you make a project friendly to the environment?
Present your idea to our visitors!

Picnic prepared by French chef ... All foods are prepared by hand!

• Baguettes
• Pizzas
• Sandwiches
• Energy snacks
• Crepes
• Salads
• Panninies

Old vehicle with a variety of refreshing snacks

• Smoothies
• Frappes
• Bolis
• Ice Creams
• Coffees
• Cookies

360 ° stone bar where you can enjoy your field day and rest.

• Beers
• Micheladas
• Potato Chips
• Sodas
• Waters
• Lemonades

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+52 1 (444) 106 0503

Camino a San Miguel km 3+800
Armadillo de los Infante,
San Luis Potosí, México